X-SEARCH-FLAGS is an Extended Flag used by Ldapwiki to represent Microsoft Active Directory SearchFlags

10x00000001fATTINDEXCreate a Presence Index for the attribute.
20x00000002fPDNTATTINDEXCreate an index for the attribute in each container.
40x00000004fANRAdd this attribute to the Ambiguous Name Resolution (ANR) set.
80x00000008fPRESERVEONDELETEPreserve this attribute in the Tombstone object for deleted objects.
160x00000010fCOPYCopy the value for this attribute when the object is copied.
320x00000020fTUPLEINDEXCreate a SubstringIndex for the attribute. This will improve searches where the wildcard appears at the front of the search string. For example, (sn=*mith).
640x00000040fSUBTREEATTINDEXSupported beginning with Windows Server 2008. Supported beginning with ADAM. Creates an index to greatly help Virtual List View Control (VLV) performance on arbitrary attributes.
1280x00000080fCONFIDENTIALMark attribute as confidential. Ignored for when systemFlags=FLAG_SCHEMA_BASE_OBJECT.
256 0x00000100fNEVERVALUEAUDITSpecifies that Auditing of changes to individual values contained in this attribute MUST NOT be performed. Auditing is outside of the state model.
5120x00000200fRODCFilteredAttributeSpecifies that the attribute is a member of the Filtered Attribute Set.
10240x00000400fEXTENDEDLINKTRACKINGSpecifies a hint to the Domain Controller to perform additional implementation-specific, nonvisible tracking of link values. The behavior of this hint is outside the state model.
20480x00000800fBASEONLYSpecifies that the attribute is ONLY returned by search operations that are a LDAP Search Scopes of BaseObject. Read operations that would otherwise return an attribute that has this search flag set instead fail with operationsError / ERROR_DS_NON_BASE_SEARCH.
40960x00001000fPARTITIONSECRETSpecifies that the attribute is a partition secret. An extended access check is required.

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