XDAS is a The Open Group standard

The objective of the XDAS specification is to define:

  • a set of generic events of relevance at a global Distributed system level, For example, end-user system sign-on and the initiation and termination of communication sessions between components.
  • a common portable auditing record format to facilitate the merging and analysis of audit information from multiple components at the Distributed system level
  • an API for use by applications to submit events to XDAS
  • an API to import audit data from existing component specific audit services to XDAS
  • an API to configure event pre-selection criteria for event submission to XDAS
  • an API to read records from a XDAS audit trail

The Distributed Audit Service or XDAS is an Logging and Auditing system.

XDAS standard model#

The XDAS standard model defines three separate actors in any XDAS Event record connected by an XDAS Action:

As far as I know, Originally conceived as part of the Novell "Bandit Project" it is now part of the OpenGroup.

The XDAS standard defines three very critical aspects of auditing: API, Record Format, and Taxonomy.

Generally, our work involves the use of XDASv2 regarding Novell eDirectory 8.8 and Novell Identity Manager.

eDirectory XDAS Setup and Configuration#

Some insights on XDAS Setup and Configuration.


XDAS Other Information#

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