XDAS Correlation IDs for IDM


XDAS Correlation IDs for IDM are provides Event Correlation from DirXML and EDirectory.

In XDAS log, Correlation ID is logged in the Action.Event.CorrelationID field. CorrelationID. For Identity Manager events, the Correlation ID is logged in the following format:

Driver Name#Channel Name#UUID

UUID is a Universally unique identifier which is a type 4 (pseudo randomly generated) UUID

For example, an event generated in the publisher channel of the Delimited Text driver has an event-id=Delimited Text event-id:

Delimited Text#Publisher#0:a8b0c1be-01d5-4b55-ad6e-0ff87e31e5d7. 

The related publisher channel events logged Correlation ID is set to

Delimited Text#Publisher#a8b0c1be-01d5-4b55-ad6e-0ff87e31e5d7

eDirectory and Identity Manager events that are part of the same transaction have this UUID as part of Correlation ID logged with XDAS.

This information is NOT available with logging by using Novell Audit Platform Agent.

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