XDAS Initiator


XDAS Initiator is the entity that causes the XDAS Event to occur by taking action against the XDAS Target.

The XDAS Initiator of an event is the authenticated entity that initially provoked creation of the XDAS Event.

Special Cases#

The XDAS Initiator need not be identified.

If the entity can't be identified - perhaps an entity is attempting to login, thus provoking the generation of a login event by an XDAS Observer - then as much information about the origin of the event as possible should be specified.

Login Event#

In the special case of a login event, the authenticated identity of the XDAS Initiator is not yet known until after the login attempt has succeeded. Therefore a failed login event should not give the identity of the XDAS Target account as the identity of the XDAS Initiator.

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