XDAS Setup and Configuration


There are tow basic steps to setting up XDAS for EDirectory, DirXML and NMAS on Linux.

Step One - Instance Setup#

The setup is specific to each instance or eDirectory. If you are running multiple Instances. If NOT running multiple instances, you can drop the:
--config-file /data/nds/idv/nds.conf
from the commands below.

In the nds.conf file, you can specify the location of the xdas.properties file. Otherwise it is located at TODO.

Once you have the xdas.properties file configured, you need to load the xdasauditds module.

Starting and Stopping --config-file /data/nds/idv/nds.conf#

The XDAS documentation says you can check to see if it is loaded using the command:
ndstrace -c modules --config-file /data/nds/idv/nds.conf |grep 'xdasauditds'
xdasauditds     Running
xdasauditds     Not Loaded

To load the xdasauditds module, use:

ndstrace -c "load xdasauditds" --config-file /data/nds/idv/nds.conf

To unload the xdasauditds module, use:

ndstrace -c "unload xdasauditds" --config-file /data/nds/idv/nds.conf

To cause the xdasauditds module to load each time eDirectory is started, edit the ndsmodules.conf file to show:

xdasauditds       auto      #XDASauditds
We have seen conditions where improper configuration of the xdas.properties file will cause core dumps for eDirectory.
Be sure of you configuration before auto loading.
We have seen conditions where we needed to re-start the instance for XDAS to load properly.

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