XDAS Target

Overview #

The XDAS Target of an event is the account or protected resource upon which the XDAS Initiator is attempting to perform the XDAS Action on, thereby provoking the generation of an event.

The XDAS Target is described in terms of an account and an entity as well as an optional and unspecified Data object.

The Data object is a set of name/value pairs describing class-specific attributes of the actor. The schema does not define the actual fields, as different classes will have a unique set of data attributes (if any).

In the special case of a login event, the authenticated identity of the XDAS Initiator is not yet known until after the login attempt has succeeded. Therefore a failed login event should not give the identity of the XDAS Target account as the identity of the XDAS Initiator." Therefor XDAS Target is an optional field.

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