Yubikey NEO


Yubikey NEO device supports multiple authentication protocols including the FIDO Alliance U2F protocol, One-Time password, and Smart Card functionality (e.g., OpenPGP, the Federal government’s Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credential).

Yubikey NEO device supports both contact (USB) and contactless (NFC and MIFARE) interfaces. The device is commercially available and can be used for U2F login with online services that support U2F (e.g., Google, GitHub and Dropbox).

The device uses Common Criteria-certified Smart Card technology-based hardware Secure Elements to protect encryption keys.

In October 2014, Google Chrome became the first web browser to support the FIDO U2F protocol. Google also announced that they were supporting the Yubico U2F-compliant Security Key as a second factor device to strengthen the Google 2-Step Verification process for Google Accounts

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