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ZOOMIT Corporation's metadirectory product, Via, which Microsoft acquired on July 7, 1999.[1]

About ZOOMIT Corporation#

Founded in 1988, ZOOMIT Corporation is the pioneer and leading provider of metadirectory-enabled products. Its installed base of over one million seats and one hundred of the Fortune 1000 continues to place the company as the industry leader.

ZOOMIT Corporation provides metadirectory-enabled solutions that allow companies to have a unified, intelligent and secure view of their business information assets in order to manage change in an expedient and effective manner. The company's flagship product, ZOOMIT VIA 2.0, lets companies overcome technology, economic and political hurdles by securely integrating multiple disparate directories into a single, unified solution while still providing full control of existing environments.

ZOOMIT's headquarters are located in Toronto, Canada with sales offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Vienna, Virginia. For additional information about ZOOMIT and their suite of metadirectory-enabled solutions please visit us at http://www.zoomit.com.

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People Form ZOOMIT#

There have been significant influences on the IDM industry by these people, that we know of, that were employed by ZOOMIT.

A Press Release on Zoomit#

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 30, 1999--ZOOMIT Corporation ZOOMIT Corporation, the pioneer and leader of metadirectory solutions, today announced Meta Manager, a new family of directory solutions for e-Business. These products use the company's award-winning technologies and deliver full meta-directory

Now Lotus Domino customers benefit from the value of metadirectory functionality such as user/account management and directory synchronization within a multi-vendor environment. Companies that prefer to leverage their Domino Directory to retain control of all corporate assets, users and applications can now do so.

"ZOOMIT Corporation and Lotus now give companies more ways to win. We are very pleased with this development and see it as a cornerstone of our vision to help solve e-Business problems within a complex, multi-vendor environment", said Anand Bahl, President and CEO of ZOOMIT Corporation. "By turning the Domino directory into a high-availability, distributed logical store for metadirectory functionality, we provide new solutions to a very significant share of the market".

"Our enterprise customers are looking for ways to leverage their Domino infrastructure and extend its role," said Ken Bisconti, Senior Director of Marketing, Lotus' Communications Products Division. "ZOOMIT's Meta Manager for Domino is a way to do just that."

Meta Manager for Domino simplifies administration by integrating other directories into Domino and allowing Lotus' Domino Administrator to be the central control point. Meta Manager ensures enterprise-wide control by providing connectors that integrate leading directories such as Novell NDS, Microsoft Exchange, Netscape Directory Server and Microsoft Active Directory.

And Meta Manager adds value without adding overhead. Attribute ownership, information flow rules and bi-directional data pumps are all managed by Meta Manager to ensure rapid information flow and mapping. Automatic replication and distribution across multiple mail, NOS and legacy systems is now possible.

Meta Manager for Domino is the first in a planned set of Meta Managers being developed by ZOOMIT Corporation. Product availability is slated for Q3, 1999. Pricing will be announced at availability.

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